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Pedro Fernandez and eternal present
By Joel Hernandez Santiago

Nobody has the right to stop time. Nobody has the right to break the rule about transience of life and the things that makes the man. Nobody... just them. The artists. They are different. Demiurge that transform us: They build us: They illuminate us: They gnaws us: They reduced us and they want us in another way: Their own way.

They, the artists are a different breed of human beings and we don't understand them, generally, we don't understand them, we don't tolerate them burdening us and they discover us, that strip us off and show us our corrosive strengths; we never know who they are but yeah... One day we discover that his rule is the truth and that our truth is in his work, which summarizes what they found on us and then, in a great act of prestidigitation, to pose our gaze and the best of our senses in his work which redeems us and gives us eternal life.

Photography is art, when done with art, when it stops at the superficiality of "it's pretty" or "it's ugly". Photography that is art "is written with light" says the etymology, because it is made of light and wonderment of pros and cons, of contrasts and unexpected depths, concepts and discoveries. It illuminates or darkens us.

Pedro Fernandez, photographer and artist, Spanish he is, has the look of glass. Enlightens us in his relentless pursuit of novelty, the place and the exact spot where it lies the man and his work. The work of the artist-photographer is full of surprises and illusions, dreams and realities and sadness and joy... and tenderness.

No one can pass by the sight of his photographic work without stopping to look at the world from his eyes and from his sense of our lives. He sees us as we don't. He sees the work of man with astonishment and intense emotion. The enlightens us and illuminates in pictures things that man has done.

Pedro Fernandez's work is a constant search for the truth and the truth, one knows, it's art. An art that is based on technique and concept.

He delves into the open spaces, he uses the direction of his life, in our lives, in the architectural structures and gives them colour and allows them the freedom of black and white and colour but also knows silence is allowed to rest.

There is a constant: the sky, skies, and the lights that shine on heaven's face. His evenings are unforgettable in contrast with the silhouette of our earthly lives. His curled heavens. His open skies watching us. Skies where each one's illusion is made of. His own illusion. All the world's skies and only one are in his photographic work: These are Pedro Fernandez's heavens... You've gotta feel the soul in his skies.

Tunnels. Streets. Men looking bewildered stilled the artist photographer. The dog who looks at the sky, men who pass under heaven without looking but filled with it, with electric lights that add value to the architectural work and nature itself, to finish creating it.

It's the world of an artist who look at us with his crystal gaze to tell us, quite simply: "This is my gift, this is my present, this is my dream, this is my illusion, my joy or despite of you", for your eternal permanence and that will be your curse, to remain eternally in the image I conceived of you.

It's the photographic work of Pedro Fernandez, photographer, artist, man and Diogenes, here it is.


too much little by Pedro Fernandez


when the night comes... by Pedro Fernandez


Texture N by Pedro Fernandez


Colourful by Pedro Fernandez


Gateway to... by Pedro Fernandez


London Booster 2012 by Pedro Fernandez


Anarchitecture III by Pedro Fernandez


Sunset II by Pedro Fernandez


Sunset Spectacular by Pedro Fernandez


DownStairs by Pedro Fernandez


Reaching a star by Pedro Fernandez


Lonely streets by Pedro Fernandez


Anarchitecture by Pedro Fernandez


Dog's life by Pedro Fernandez


Night over the Castle by Pedro Fernandez


Sunset by Pedro Fernandez


Urban texture 1 by Pedro Fernandez


Nightscape by Pedro Fernandez


Winter in Madrid by Pedro Fernandez


Metropolis Madrid by Pedro Fernandez


Oxyd blue after the storm by Pedro Fernandez


The gate to the Unknown by Pedro Fernandez